Koh Phangan beach

Koh Pha-Ngan

The beaches of Koh Phangan

Paradise, that is what the beaches of Koh Phangan look like. The sea is incredibly blue, the sand soft and white and everywhere you look are palm trees. On each beach you’ll find swings, creating an idyllic sense of freedom. The wind is blowing constantly, so you won’t feel too hot.

Cocohut Resort, let's take some selfies! 📸

Staying at the Cocohut Resort – a nice four star resort located close to the Full Moon party area – we are surrounded by young backpackers looking for fun, drinks and parties. Selfies are taken constantly, because the beach is just picture perfect. Rather fascinated I watch how girls keep on repeating the same poses over and over again just to create the perfect selfie.

Embracing the present moment

As I am writing this, I start to notice that most guests are absorbed in their phones. It feels like a reminder to me to ‘be more in the moment’, to fully enjoy everything with every fiber of my being. So, I deeply inhale the smell of the ocean, while gratefully listening to the sound of the waves. In the distance I see the green hills of the island Koh Samui. The two house dogs are – as always – happily hopping around on the beach. Are they really looking for crabs to eat? That is so funny!
Watching Jimmy enjoying himself on the beach makes my heart so full and Maurice is looking better than ever, I guess Thailand does do magical things to people!

About the island

Koh Phangan, or Koh Pha-Ngan, is an island in the gulf of Thailand, located in the Southeast. It is well known for its full moon parties. Many backpackers come here to party, but apparently there is more to do and experience than that. Let’s find out what and where in the next couple of days….

Stay tuned 🤗

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