How it all began…

How it all began...

To tell you the full story about how we ended up traveling around the world I’d have to go back to Tuesday, May 22nd of 2018. A day I will never forget.

That day I was working at an event for the Ministry of the Interior in the Netherlands. At the end of the day I was invited to play a game on stage wearing VR glasses. In this game I was walking on a narrow plank on top of a skyscraper, catching little birds in a net in my hand. It was scary to look down, but of course it was fun too! Unfortunately the plank in my game turned out to be longer than the plank in reality. So I fell off the stage, hurting lots of bodyparts and bumping my head against a wall.

"My brain must have thought for a second that I would die."

This same day I found out that my colleague friend wasn’t feeling well, thinking she had the flu. The next day I went to see her together with a dear friend and we saw that it was more than just a flu.

By that time I was beginning to feel the effects of the head injury and realised I had a concussion, which later on turned out to be worse than I thought. Not only did I have a concussion, but I was suffering from a trauma as well. My brain must have thought for a second that I would die when I fell off the plank on top of the skyscraper. This trauma then caused illness in my kidneys. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and, if you prefer, the new Western holistic view on illnesses – fear is related to our kidneys, just like sorrow is related to our lungs. I might explain more about this holistic view on illnesses in another blog. To shorten this down, it took me about 3 months to recover from the concussion and the kidney pain. During these months I couldn’t do much and felt like a very old lady about to die.


During these same months my friend got sicker and passed away in August 2018. I was heartbroken.

After she passed away and as I was starting to feel better, my husband sat down with me and said “Let’s follow our dreams sweatheart, let’s not wait until one of us is no longer capable. Let’s go out there, explore the world, just the three of us. Let’s just go without any fixed plans!”.

"I thought of all the reasons why this was not a good idea"

My thoughts usually work at warp speed, so within 30 seconds I had thought of all the reasons why this was NOT a good idea. But then I started feeling it, tingling through my veins; freedom, dreams, possibilities. My heart starting singing and excitement took over and I said “YES, let’s go for it!”.

We decided to save as much money as we could- within one year – and leave in August 2019.

Let's start in South East Asia

Maurice, being a big fan of Asia, suggested starting in Vietnam and discover South East Asia first. I agreed since I had never been to Asia and was very curious about the continent. However we wanted to let Jimmy in on the planmaking so he would feel involved in all of this. So we showed Jimmy the map of South East Asia and let him pick our first destination. Thailand seemed like a cool country to him and then he also picked our starting place “Krabi”, because he liked the name.

Coincidence, serendipity or synchronosity?

A few weeks after Maurice booked the plane tickets for August 31, 2019 to Krabi, Thailand I realised that Thailand was my deceased friend’s most favorite holiday spot. She went there many times and the last time she went, she told me about a beach where she had some beautiful, insightful moments just by herself.

Coincidentally, the place that Jimmy chose turned out to be very close to this beach.

And the very same day we flew out to Thailand, her family had arranged for a memorial day for all her friends and family.

A full circle.

For me this only meant that this leap of faith, this journey, was meant to be. My friends last advice was “Celebrate life” and we will do just that.

Written by Essie, in loving memory of J.

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  1. Jesica Kartawirja Narain

    Prachtig Es, beautiful path.

    Live is a serie of natural and spontaneous changes. Don ‘t resist them-that only create sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flows naturally forward. What ever way they like.
    Lao tzu

    Your path enjoy dear!

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