About Us

Meet all four members of the family!

Meet Essie


Wanderer, Storyteller, Life lover

Hi, I am Essie! I love to read and write, I deeply enjoy nature in all its beautiful forms, I don’t like routine very much, I am what you might call a highly sensitive person and I just really love life. I have way too many hobbies to write down, but bullet journaling including fun drawings is probably on top of the list right next to discovering new places. 

I write blogs on this website, sometimes in Dutch, but mostly in English.   

Meet our co-author


Gamer, Explorer, Vlogger

Hi, I am Jimmy! I am a lover of life just like my mom! I just love to discover new things and I enjoy little things as much as big ones. Fishing is my passion, right next to gaming. The games I like to play are RPG type of games like Dragon Quest Builders and adventure games like Zelda. Playing Fortnite with my friends is another one of my favorites. And of course VLOGGING is something I enjoy a lot and I am happy to share my vlogs with you.

Meet Maurice


Foody, Novice Angler, Gadget Freak

After more than 20 years working in the information technology sector and a burn-out which resulted in a different view on life, I’m finally doing what I always dreamt of. Now I’m traveling the world with my son Jimmy and my beautiful wife Esther. I still can’t believe that I’m sharing this dream with my loved ones. I’m grateful that I got this opportunity so let’s make some great memories!

Meet Muis (Mouse)


Free spirit, Huntress, Best Friend

Hi, I am Muis! I live in The Netherlands in a beautiful mansion with a lot of space to wander and hunt freely. I am very happy with my foster parents who take excellent care of me while my family is out exploring the world. I know just how to be really cute in order to get lots of cuddles and to get away with naughty things ;).  

We are Esther, Maurice and Jimmy (8) from The Netherlands. Trying to escape the rat race, we decided to pursue our dreams by traveling around the world.

Experiencing different cultures and the way other people live, doesn’t only mean that we learn about the rest of the world, but we – as a family – will also learn more about ourselves.

As we will be traveling around the world, we love to share our adventures, tips and thoughts with you.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intend on arriving. 
~Lao Tzu~